Eric Garrett

Leader In Washington’s Local Food Movement

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Eric Garrett is a Washington local and seasonal food pioneer. His Hopeful Cup restaurant is noted for its Northwest cuisine innovation. A growing movement, Slow Food is a concept and practice focusing on local food. Its fans desire to be the antithesis of fast food. This forager knows Washington's land and terrain well. Culinary fame came from his use of French techniques on Washington dishes.

Garrett, a native of Steilacoom, WA, opened his business there. “I've always liked the saying "grow where you're planted." Not at home, I think of Washington's forests. The scent of the woods fills you.” Garrett renovated the town's ancient post office. He has an old post office box displaying local and seasonal food at the restaurant's entryway.

Garrett runs the kitchen. He supervises the culinary team and develops new cuisines and menus. Garrett emphasizes on sustainability by eliminating conventional meats and imported haute cuisine components in his cooking recipes.

Eric Garrett co-owns The Hopeful Cup with his wife Lynda and associates Chase and Lance Burgess. Food preservation expert Lynda Garrett She works at a restaurant and preserves seasonal food for the whole year. The Burgess brothers run Steilacoom's Burgess Hardware and Larry's Bar.

Garrett promotes his community as well as his company. For him, local food is the backbone of a healthy local economy, thus he wants to create jobs and re-enter Steilacoom He likes to buy as many ingredients locally as possible.

His formal training included both French and Northwest cuisines. Garrett learned French cuisine from the best chefs in the region while working at upscale restaurants. He began his career at Luc in Seattle, with Thierry Rautureau.

Garrett moved to San Francisco after Luc and worked for a few cooks before landing at Petit Crenn for seven years. He worked at Dominique Crenn's Petit Crenn before leaving to create his own. Garrett inspired Crenn's meal for The Hopeful Cup by guiding her towards sustainable cooking.

His first job was at Laura Kittle's Bendy's Diner. Despite her retirement, Kittle's restaurant still exists. On Mondays, Garrett makes short-order eggs.